Spring Crafts that Worked the First Time

Here’s a dilemma that occurs weekly, if not more often, in my head: I want to do a craft, but I have no time. So, what do I do? I Google the craft, click on the link at the top … Continue reading

Stitch of the Week: Solomon’s Knot Beach Bag

This week, I chose to learn Solomon’s knot — or lover’s knot, as it’s also called. It’s a lacy bit of openwork that seems neither wise nor romantic,  so I can’t account for its two monikers, but I do think … Continue reading

How to Make a Magic Ring Video

I love the term “magic ring.” It makes me think of what Frodo carried to Mordor. Or maybe a blood red ruby adorning the finger of an evil queen. Or what happens when the Care Bears stand in a circle, … Continue reading

Free Alice in Wonderland Crochet Doll Pattern

I’m thrilled to be sharing my first storybook doll pattern, Alice in Wonderland. I’m so pleased with how this free crochet pattern turned out. If ever a classic children’s book got done, redone, and overdone by illustrators, moviemakers, and TV … Continue reading