Stitch of the Week: Triangle Crochet

Boy, am I frustrated with myself. Not only do I blow off an entire week for my brother’s wedding, but I skip Stitch of the Week last week and I skip Off the Shelf this week. In my defense, I’ve … Continue reading

Stitch of the Week: Up-Down Stitch

I mentioned before that I’m a big fan of using color to call attention to the easy-to-miss aspects of a crochet pattern. This stitch is laughably easy and doesn’t make much of a splash when crocheted in a single color, … Continue reading

Stitch of the Week: Star (Daisy) Stitch

Last week, I totally blew off Stitch of the Week. Well, I didn’t blow it off. I was just, you know, really busy. Excuses, excuses. This week, I’m back on track. I learned how to crochet the star stitch, sometimes … Continue reading