Social Media Hotpads and Coasters: Facebook

One of the great things about crafting characters from literature is that everyone immediately recognizes them and connects with them. Well, what’s more recognizable than these lovely logos? Even though they have nothing to do with books, I’m paying homage … Continue reading

Free Eggs & Bacon Potholder Crochet Pattern

Laugh it up in the kitchen with this Eggs & Bacon potholder. I’m a pretty patchy cook, so working in the kitchen isn’t something that I have a burning passion to do. So, if I can geekify my kitchen linens, … Continue reading

Free Apple Pie Potholder Pattern

Apple pie is the poster child for down home American baking, so the next time you stoke the oven for a pie or some cookies, use this apple pie potholder to keep your countertops safe. By using different colors for … Continue reading

RSS Potholder Pattern

Today, we’ll learn the RSS potholder pattern. There’s just something geek-tastic about the RSS icon. Even though there’s no official social media site associated with RSS, it’s ubiquitous and immediately recognizable. I especially like the triangle edging on this one. … Continue reading

Twitter Potholder Pattern

Today, I bring you the Twitter hot pad! Last post, you learned how to make the Facebook potholder, and today’s Twitter design is essentially the same except for the color pattern. You also may be wondering why the potholders are … Continue reading

Free Blueberry Waffle Potholder Crochet Pattern

Another one of my food-lover potholders, this blueberry waffle’ll keep your countertops safe and look cute, too. Little blueberries and a drizzle of maple syrup transform this simple waffle stitch into an “actual” waffle. You can even crochet little banana … Continue reading

Pinterest Potholder Pattern

I love how alliterative this post is. It’s time to pay homage to addictive Pinterest, which was crowned social media royalty in a blink, it seems. Pinterest’s official colors are red and white, but I liked how pink looked with … Continue reading

Free Open-face Sandwich Potholder Crochet Pattern

I just love potholders that look like food. It’s so nerdy to have kitchen linens that look like edibles, don’t you think? I couldn’t resist the idea for this crochet potholder. This free crochet pattern resembles a piece of bread … Continue reading