Tutorial: Join New Yarn in Amigurumi

I mentioned I’ve been writing patterns in my spare time, and one of the things that I do often is join new yarn to the exterior of an amigurumi piece. I put a little tutorial together to show this technique. It’s pretty common, so it’ll hopefully help you with other ami patterns you’re working on.

I’ve created a video tutorial and a photo tutorial, so here’s the video…

And here’s the…

Photo Tutorial: Add New Yarn to Outside of Amigurumi Doll

First off, take a look at this sample bit of amigurumi. When I changed colors from green to pink, I crocheted the first pink round in the BACK LOOPS only. See the leftover green front loops in that row? That’s where we’re going to join the new yarn.


I’m going to join the new yarn to the BL that the little white arrow is pointing at. First, I’ve got to make a slip knot with the new yarn.


Then I stick it onto the hook.


And I insert the hook into the BL.


I yarn over and draw a loop through. (I’m going to single crochet.)


I yarn over and draw through both loops on hook to complete the sc.


And I keep going!


This creates a new row. I find that I’ve been using it a lot for skirts. I can’t wait till my patterns are in at least a publishable state of disarray (not scribbled all over notebooks and spare napkins like they are right now). It’ll be fun to share them all.

Remember, if you’re having trouble visualizing this technique, watch this little video!


What other amigurumi techniques have you stumped?