P1020889Thanks for visiting Book People Studio!

Around here, every craft has a story — literally. I make geeky creations inspired by literature, and I’m especially crazy about children’s books. I love making amigurumi dolls depicting characters from my favorite childhood reads.

But I also love to crochet and make other things unrelated to books, and you’ll find those things here, too. (Gotta post my geeky patterns somewhere.)

But my heart is in the books, and the goal of my blog is to promote literacy though adorable crafts. These days, kids don’t have to read a book to hear a good story. Any TV show, movie, website, or video game tells an entertaining story, but I firmly believe that being a good reader is vital to a kid’s success in school and life.

There are a few regular departments on this blog.

Off the Shelf
I collect kids books, especially those that have to do with fairy tales, folklore, and myth. Especially those with illustrations that knock my crochet hooks clear out of my hands. I’m far too cheap to buy these books at full price, so my collection is comprised of castaways I’ve adopted from used bookstores, Goodwill, and chance yard sales. Off the Shelf is where I share this mishmash with you.

WIPs and BIPs
This is where I vent about my fiber works in progress (WIPs) and books in progress (BIPs). I’m not gonna lie. These are basically disjointed babblings, but you may get a good pattern or novel recommendation from it, never know.

Collinktion (co-link-shun) noun; a collection of links. This is where I pick a topic and gather several of the best patterns I can find related to the topic. Often, I’ll pick a book as my topic. It’s fun to find patterns that reflect a classic like “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” or “A Christmas Carol.” It’s basically where I collect, curate, and cultivate cuteness.

I hope you enjoy the patterns and discussion here! Thanks so much for stopping by.

Michelle (a geeky book person)


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  2. Hello Michelle from Crochet Cricket! I am thrilled to have found you. I love everything about your blog. I have a crochet blog and I am featuring you this week for my Fantasy Friday post. I will be posting a photo of each of your amigurumi dolls with a direct link to your blog for each free pattern. I will also be sharing you on my Facebook page. You are very talented and very kind to offer such wonderful doll patterns for free. Thank you!

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