A Tisket, a Tasket — Get a Load of this Basket!

You guys! I can’t believe it, but I won one of the gift baskets that were given away at the San Diego Yarn Crawl! I’ve never won anything so exciting before! When Yarning for You in San Marcos called me on Tuesday to tell me I’d won, I literally started jumping up and down. I ran over there as soon as I could to make sure it was really happening.


The basket was LOADED with goodies — 22 hanks of yarn, plus needles, stitch markers, patterns, and other goodies. I’m so grateful that I’m dedicating this post to giving the generous donors some link love. I’m not affiliated with any of these companies at all. I’m just so thankful that they donated stuff to the Yarn Crawl, and the only way I can say thank you is by linking up.

After I finished trembling with excitement, I yanked off the big bow, tore away the cellophane, peered at the loot, and tried not to cry.


I made out with a bunch of free patterns.

  • Summer issue of Interweave Knits
  • Issue of Skacel, a large and luminous magalog (part-magazine, part-catalogue)
  • Prism pattern book with a sample of soft and bubbly Ikat self-patterning yarn
  • Adorable giraffe blankie pattern from Little Piggy Patterns


Here’s a close-up of that Prism yarn sample.


This convertible cowl/hood/capelet looks like a fun pattern!


I hadn’t known about Scacel before, and the magalog is filled with quirky and fun patterns. Check out this simple popover.


I also got a few kits. They came with yarn, pattern, and (sometimes) needles, so I have everything I need to complete a project.

Here’s the one from Berroco. Four glorious hanks of pumpkin-colored cotton, plus a booklet with adorable baby patterns.


Check out this pixie dress!


Another kit came from Plymouth Yarn. Shawl pattern + circular needles + soft, bulky yarn = ❤


Gotta love that yarn name: Mushishi!

I even made off with a set of Knitters’ Pride Nova sock DPNs from Bryson Distributing.


In addition to the magalog, Skacel also threw in a gauge/needle checker, circular needles, and a handy tape measure-carabiner combo.


I’m also really excited to try out this Eucalan laundering formula. It’s a non-toxic, eco-friendly dry cleaning alternative for delicates. They threw in a few spot-cleaning wipes, too.


When I visited The Grove in South Park, I met Vanessa from VRMG Designs. She makes awesome beaded stitch markers that look like jewelry. She had everything from angels to skulls, birds to boats. She’ll even do custom orders. Hopefully she’ll have items in her Etsy shop soon.


Crystal Palace Yarns threw in a cute little package containing everything I need to make this flashy drop-stitch scarf.


I love the colorful ribbon Party yarn. You’re supposed to knit it and the superfine kid merino together. There was also a little sample hank of a pretty blue worsted yarn.


Check out this awesome hand-painted silk roving fiber from Treenway. (I just recently learned what roving is!) Uh-oh. I’m going to have to find a spinning class nearby.


OK, are you ready to see a ton of lush yarn?

First up: Phoenix Print from Trendsetter Yarns. This photo doesn’t do it justice. Its’ got a rockin’ metallic sheen.


This sweet skein of lace yarn is from Jade Sapphire. It’s extremely fine and so, so, so soffffft!


Can you believe it? I’ve never worked with ribbon yarn before. I’m going to get my chance with this gorgeous hank of Great Adirondack Yarn in the jewel-tone Amazon colorway. I don’t know if you can tell, but the edges of the strand are glittery!


This photo really doesn’t do this Cascade yarn justice. The combination of wool and silk make this ultra-soft with a pretty sheen, and the color is actually much less blue and more true green than this photo shows — right on trend as far as I’m concerned.


I’ve never worked with anything like Alchemy’s silken straw yarn before. Crunchy but also soft, it looks like something the miller’s daughter asked Rumpelstiltskin to spin for her. The company’s tagline: Yarns of Transformation.


A sweet purple hank from one sweet company. This Sweet Georgia DK yarn feels as soft as it looks.


OK, Frabjous Fibers sounds like a company that’s right up my alley. This collection of yarn is called Wonderland: Pigments of Imagination. YES! I got the March Hare worsted weight, but each of the other weights is named after an Alice character, from the Cheshire Cat to TweedleDeeDum.


This homey yarn from Green Mountain Spinnery in Vermont is going to be perfect for something rustic and outdoorsy. A cap? Some gloves? The photo is terrible; the color on this one is very complex.


This hank of Shasta merino wool from Baah Yarn looks as creamy as butter. I love how the color saturation is inconsistent, giving it an off-the-farm feel. Looking forward to seeing how it works up!


This Serendipity Tweed from the Brown Sheep Company in Nebraska is a peppy mix of blue and green — can you see the two colors twisted together in each strand?


This awesome yarn from Indigo Dragonfly came with a free pattern download (these fingerless gloves) courtesy of Kate Atherley! I absolutely love the muted blue colorway, part of the Rock n’ Roll collection!


Anzula markets its yarn as “luxury.” They’re right. This is without a doubt a superior skein. Delicate and decadent. Lit lover that I am, it’s no surprise that I find the color name, Haiku, irresistible.


The brightest addition to the basket is this Colinette Jitterbug hank. Look at those bright primary colors! The colorway: Jamboree! This might be the perfect skein to try knitting my first pair of socks.


Here’s the loot.


I’ve died and gone to fiber heaven.


Thanks to all the sponsors! You’ve made me one happy yarnie!


When was the last time you won a prize? Tell me about it!


5 thoughts on “A Tisket, a Tasket — Get a Load of this Basket!

  1. It’s wonderful that you won! We can tell you are grateful by your detailed descriptions and photos of all the goodies. I did win something a few years ago. I won a blue ribbon and fifty dollar gift card for best cake at a business fund raiser. My cake was pineapple lemon upside down cake.

    • That’s awesome! I was actually part of a dessert auction last weekend, and — in a sneaky twist — the pineapple lemon upside down cake actually sold BEFORE the auction even started because one of the bidders loves it so much! I’ll bet yours was fantastic! Do you still have the blue ribbon?

  2. Congrats on your big win! That was great. My last win was not yarn, but a book. I’ m a big fan of Debbie Macomber and I won a copy of her new book, “Mr. Miracle”.

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