I Literally Took a Summer Break

Don’t you literally love how often people misuse the word “literally”?

Well, I’m going to use it correctly: I literally took a summer break from blogging.

This was not intentional.

It just happened.

For shame, I don’t think I even wished you guys a happy Fourth of July. The last you heard from me, all my books were in boxes, and I was moving homes.

Well, the hubs and I are all settled in the new place. But we’ve had quite the whirlwind summer. Vacation Bible Schools, beach bonfires, art shows, musical performances, road trips, farmer’s markets, new Vietnamese and Japanese restaurants. I’m not going to lie. Life is good. I can’t wait to share photos and stuff with you!

One SUPER exciting thing happened just the other day …


A photo of my Solomon’s Knot Beach Bag was featured in Simply Crochet magazine!!!

I’m **literally** trembling with excitement this is so neat! Check it out:


See the bag on the second page?

My very own name is printed in the sidebar detail with my very own website.

You guys, I’ve hit the big time.


As soon as this U.K. pub hits the stands stateside, I’m going to rush to the store and buy like 20 copies for myself and start handing them out to random strangers I meet at the library and the yarn store. And I’ll probably vacuum seal a few copies so my future kids can look at them someday in all their pristine, dust-free glory.

Brag, brag, brag, brag. That’s **literally** all I’m good for right now.

Anyhow, thanks for sharing in my (totally cheese-filled) excitement over my first teeny tiny media pop!


What exciting things have been happening in your neck of the woods this summer? Please fill me in!


4 thoughts on “I Literally Took a Summer Break

  1. So. very.cool!! Congratulations! I literally just started pinterest last week after swearing I never would! I am now following you there too! I swear I am not some crazy stalker! Hope you have a great week!

  2. Congratulations!!! I am new subscriber….follower? I am sort of new at WordPress….well **literally** new at reading other blogs but have been blogging my poems for years. I really liked your Star Stitch video which I stumbled across on Pinterest through a post on several stitches. One of which is my all favorite, the Primrose stitch I use for almost everything.

    By the way ……………yes its true people misuse the word LITERALLY! When Kim Kardashian said she was literally over the moon…………ha, I wanted to send her there, heehehehehe. No not really, I do like her, but it drives me bananas when people think that it means ACTUALLY or COMPLETELY or something of the sort!!

    Well enough complaining, bragging is better. If I shared what I have done this Summer there would not be any space left and you’d be reading
    a novel. But one of the things is of course CROCHET!!!!! Thanks for your video!!

    ~Diana Anaid

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