Friday Fav 5: Flowers, Cookies, and Wine



Remember my new column, Friday Fav 5? This is where I share five things that I love. Maybe we’ll discover that we share some common interests!

1. Maybelle Flower Square Motif

I’ve been crocheting this Maybelle square over and over and over and over and over.

And over.

It’s a wonderful (100 percent complimentary) pattern by Annette over at MyRoseValley.


I’m planning to make an afghan from it and give it to a friend who is getting married at the end of the month.

Crochet faster, Michelle!!

I’ve got a nice little color motif going with the ivory, chartreuse, turquoise, and goldfish, but my question to you is what should the fourth color be?


I’ve got 13.5 squares and counting. I’m approaching the halfway point.


2. Orders

OK, my 8-year-old niece gave this to me.


She’s “placing an order” for a crochet stuffed horse. As you can see, she’s specified exactly what she wants. She’s got a rough sketch of the animal, the dimensions, color (any), and deadline. I told her that the end of the month just wasn’t realistic for me and that I’d have it to her by Christmas. *giggle fit*

3. The Idea Channel

So, Mike Rugnetta has been filling my head with a lot of intellectual chatter lately. That’s because I’ve been watching a lot of the PBS Idea Channel. It’s a bi-weekly web series that “examines the evolving relationship between modern technology and art.”


I found it when I stumbled across his episode on selfies.

Then I couldn’t resist watching him grapple with the question, “Does Harry Potter exist?

These are serious issues, people!

But really. It’s smart, interesting talk that has served me well when I need a brain break at work.

4. The Brown Butter Cookie Company

The hubs and I found this little cookie shop when we lived in Central California. We were driving up the coast, and we stopped in lovely Cayucos, where we were intrigued by the idea of a brown butter cookie.

I mean, doesn’t it just sound delicious? Trust me. They are! Just imagine a mouthwatering shortbread morsel topped with a pinch of sea salt. Serious YUM.


When you walk into their seaside shop, the first thing you see is a bunch of ladies rolling cookies in the spacious open kitchen. They’ll offer you samples until you can’t eat any more.


I’m sad to report that if you order the cookies by mail, they taste delicious but not quite as good as they do when they’re fresh-baked. So, if you’re in the area, definitely stop and sample them straight from the oven … like I did.


5. Wine Just for Me

Last but not least, it’s not everyday you see your own name staring back at you from the shelves at Trader Joe’s. Apparently I’m a brut — dry but sparkling. Hmm, I’ll spend the weekend pondering that.



So, what should the fourth afghan color be?


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