Michelle’s Friday Fav 5


I’m excited to announce a new department on the blog! I’m calling it my Friday Fav 5 (or 4 if the week is uninspiring).

What is it?

It’s a “quick takes” post where I share five wonderful things that I love. From new books to crochet patterns to recipes to products, it’s just a little archive of my favorite things and new things that I stumble across.

What’s in it for you?

Fun recommendations! Who knows. Maybe I’ll be able to do a few giveaways.

Wait…this smells fishy…

Is this just a sneaky way for me to promote affiliate merchandise? No! My blog isn’t a money-maker. I receive no income from it nor do I receive any income or kickback from the stuff I recommend. I’m sharing this stuff only because it’s been beneficial to me or interesting for me, and I’m hoping it’ll be beneficial and interesting for you, too. Plus, some of the stuff isn’t even for sale (see No. 1 below).

Now, without further ado…

Here are the Friday Fav 5!

[insert applause here!]

1. Yarn Bomb in Genoa, Italy

A good friend of mine is doing a semester of grad school in Genoa, Italy. Shortly after arriving, she sent me a photo of a yarn bomb that she saw randomly as she was walking through town. It totally made my day! (Maybe even my week!)


She said that some sellers at the local market display tables piled high with yarn and lace. I think a little bit of drool spilled out the corner of my mouth when I read that in her last email. Note to self: visit Genoa.

2. Crochet Pattern Mods

A few weeks back, I wrote a post on how to modify a crochet pattern. When I visited the Ravelry page for my Alice in Wonderland amigurumi doll, I was so pleased to see that someone did just that with my pattern! Instead of making Alice, purpledragon57 used the pattern to make Anne of Green Gables (a little vixen who I admit to loving way more than Alice).


Purpledragon, you are a crocheter after my own heart.

3. “The Giver” Movie Trailer

OK, so you’re probably already aware of this, but they’re making Lois Lowry’s iconic book “The Giver” into a film. I’m a little leery of this one. I adore “The Giver.” There was a point where I read it just about every year. (It only takes a few hours to get through.) So, when I watched the trailer, I held my breath.

Looks like producers have taken tons of liberty with the original, turning Jonas from an awkward 12-year-old into a studly teenager. WHY?? But, it’s on my radar nonetheless. I do adore Jeff Bridges and Meryl Streep. We’ll have to see if they’re really acting in this or if they’re just coasting. I’d hate to see it fail to make its mark like “Ender’s Game” did.

4. Shakeology by BeachBody

Yes, I ā€” along with sooooo many others ā€” finally caved and tried Shakeology. I bought it in conjunction with the 21-Day Fix, a BeachBody diet and exercise program. I’ll talk about the 21DF some other time, but I must say that Shakeology is delicious! It’s got 6 grams of sugar and 160 calories, but the non-vegan chocolate flavor is good enough that you can mix with with just ice and water and be a happy camper.


Granted, I don’t have a high tolerance for overly sweet things (I can’t handle any carbonated sodas, for example) but this tastes way better than any other protein shake I’ve tried. Sadly, it’s heart-stopping price tag of $140 for a 30-day supply means it’s out of my reach. I simply refuse to pay that much.

5. ThirtyOne Utility Tote

Another good friend of mine is a ThirtyOne consultant. ThirtyOne is a direct-sell company like Avon, and it specializes in handbags and utility bags. I ordered my first utility tote, and I must confess that I totally love it! (No, my friend did not put me up to this. I repeat. I don’t make any money from this blog.)

The tote is now my new official yarn bag.


I like it because it’s long enough to fit my tunisian crochet needles


And it zips closed!


It can fit four full skeins of Red Heart yarn, plus small skeins of Peaches n’ Cream yarn in the small outer pockets…


…of which there are five, not counting the two mesh side pockets.


The best part? I can use the grommets to thread my yarn through so it doesn’t get tangled. Just be sure you don’t have to switch tote bags before you’re ready to cut your yarn. šŸ™‚


If you are interested in a tote like this, it runs around $30, and I can hook you up with a good consultant.

So there you have it! My first Friday Fab 5!

Have a great weekend, everyone.


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