Tunisian Crochet Fancy Dishtowel {FREE PATTERN!}

Remember last week when I showed you this?


I said I’d post the pattern, so here it is! Ta-da!


These little dish towels are kind of fancy, so they make great gifts when regular one-color dish towels don’t have enough oomph. Plus, they are a great way to practice tunisian crochet, which is something I’m trying to do more of right now. It’s also great for learning how to change color and how to do reverse single crochet. Lots of skills in one small package!

I tried using two different color change techniques. Here’s the dish towel when I changed color after every PASS. It kind of takes on the look of variegated yarn.


Here is what it looks like when I changed color every third ROW. This one has nice thick stripes.


The back of the dish towel looks pretty, t0o.



Here’s the pattern! (The stitch is the Borla Ripple Stitch from Crochet Stitches Visual Encyclopedia by Robyn Chachula.)


  • Tunisian hook size J
  • Three colors of yarn (I used white, neon blue, and navy)
  • Yarn needle


Tunisian Simple Stitch (Tss): Insert hook from right to left into the front vertical bar of the next stitch and pull up a loop.

Tunisian Treble Crochet (Ttc): Yo twice, insert hk from right to left into front vertical bar of next st, yo and pull up loop, (yo and pull through 2 loops on hook) twice, leaving last loop on hook.

I put together a little video that will hopefully help you through the Ttc rows and the color changes, if you’re doing that.


Ch 25 sts

Row 1 Forward: Pull up loop in second ch from hook and in each across. Return: Yo, pull through 1 loop on hook, (yo, pull through 2 loops on hook) repeat across.

Row 2 Fwd: Tss in each st across. Rtn: Work off loops as in Row 1.

Row 3 Fwd: Loop on hook counts as 1 st (Ttc in next st 2 rows below (that would be Row 1), Tss in next st) repeat across. Rtn: Work off loops as in Row 1.

Row 4 Fwd: Tss in each st across. Rtn: Work off loops as in Row 1.

Row 5 Fwd: Loop on hook counts as 1 st Tss in next st, (Ttc in next st 2 rows below (that would be Row 3), Tss in next st) repeat across and Tss in last st. Rtn: Work off loops as in Row 1.

Rows 6 to 16: Repeat Rows 2 to 5, except you will end on Row 4. FO (Don’t worry about formal binding off. You’re doing a border.)

Border: Join yarn to top left corner st, and reverse sc (crab stitch) in each st around perimeter, making 2 sts in each corner. The great thing about tunisian crochet is that its’ really easy to see where you should insert your hook.

If you don’t know how to reverse single crochet, here is a great tutorial.

Also, if you don’t know how to Tss, here’s a great tutorial by tunisian crochet goddess Kim Guzman.

And here’s my video tutorial showing how to do the Ttc stitches.


Remember, if you want the striped look, change color on every Ttc row.



If you want the variegated look, change color after every forward and return PASS.


Have fun!




On a scale of 1 to 10, how comfortable are you with tunisian crochet?

Moogly HOHD



11 thoughts on “Tunisian Crochet Fancy Dishtowel {FREE PATTERN!}

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  2. hi! i am making your humpty dumpty right now and was 😦 when i made the wedges. the photos show blue but the finished product shows red. through me off but since i had to make 2 i went with changing colors. thanks for the pattern though!

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  4. Catching up with a month’s worth of missed “blogger” time. I have bookmarked this post. I have tried Tunisian once before and could not get it to look the way I though it should. I am planning a dishcloth making night very soon and will def. be watching this video again! Thanks for all the time you put into it and for making it look so easy. We shall see…hope you have a wonderful day.

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