Trick Pony


Are you ready to see something cute?

Are you SURE you can handle it?



This week, I crocheted The Year of the Horse Pony by Stephanie at All About Ami. If you haven’t visited her blog before, you must. She’s so incredibly adorable, and her patterns might even be more awesome than her friendly and kind personality. Plus, her hubby takes mind-blowingly good photos of her and her work.

She created this pattern for the Chinese New Year since it’s the year of the horse. Check out his puffy hair, and the shaping on the tail and legs is ingenious.


Uh oh. Horsie got into the candy bowl.


The reason I tracked down this cutie pie pattern is because I’ve been commissioned by a 6-year-old girl to make a horse. She’s compensating me in hugs n’ kisses. When I delivered that purple pig to my niece, I asked her two little friends what animals they wanted me to crochet for them. One said a pony and the other said a dolphin. Anybody tried a good Flipper pattern recently?

Now, it’s time to ask a very important book-related question.

What happened to “Off the Shelf”?

Off the Shelf is a little department for Mondays, where I photos of some of my favorite kids’ books that I have on my bookshelf. I’ve skipped it TWICE, primarily due to busy Sundays, but I’m planning to resume soon. I visited the beautiful San Diego Central Library the other day and snagged a few winners that I’m excited to share with you. I must say, I’m glad I live in a city that has a library that makes its mark on the skyline.


In other news, the hubs and I are preparing for the church seminar that I told you about. Remember the leather bracelets for girls? We decided on keychains for guys. Here’s a sneak preview of the tutorial, which I’ll share with you soon.



In your opinion, what are the BEST items (toys, garments, etc) to crochet for kids? I guess what I’m asking is which items do kids like the most?


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