ColLINKtion: 6 FREE Egg Cozy Patterns


Just in time for Easter, here is a quick roundup of six adorable, easy, and FREE crochet egg cozy patterns. I don’t usually eat my boiled eggs warm, but if I did, I’d make one of these for sure. Heck, maybe I’ll make one just because they are irresistible.


1. Eggstremely Cosy Set by Corinne Frieden

Lovely, detailed set of cozies with tons of different embroidery ideas.


2. Monster Easter Egg by 1 Dog Woof

I couldn’t resist this little guy.


3. Egg Cozy Hat by Red Ted Art

This is based on Lulu Loves tutorial, but I love the pom-poms! Great for winter breakfasts.


4. Easy Egg Warmers by Anna & Heidi Pickles

Don’t these colors make you want to … run in a field of flowers or something? I also like how these resemble cupcakes.


5. Easter Chick Egg Cosy by idea ivana

Easy, great pattern if all you want is the hen. Love the stripes and “grass.”


6. Ovetti amigurumi by airali handmade

I’m pretty sure these are supposed to be containers, but wouldn’t this be a great set to reuse every Easter for a little boy? Hide all the little animals around the house with candies and quarters and stickers and erasers inside?



Do you like your boiled eggs cozy? Or do you refrigerate them like me?


4 thoughts on “ColLINKtion: 6 FREE Egg Cozy Patterns

  1. First I have to say I would love to see you make one of these for the story “The Little Red Hen” 🙂

    And I have chickens and get fresh eggs daily… now here is the kicker… I do not like to eat eggs! I just love my chickens and give the eggs to my mother and sister, we might keep about 4 for cooking or in the rare case Adam and Kristy eat them (my son and his family live with me). Kristy will eat boiled eggs – cold. Madison, my granddaughter hasn’t figured out if she likes eggs or not 😉

    • Crocheting the Little Red Hen is a GREAT idea! I’m very jealous of your chickens, but I’m sure they are a LOT of work. Too bad you’re not a fan of eggs! But I’ll bet your family loves them.

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