A Whole Lotta Crochet and Not Much to Show for It


Since last week’s WIPs and BIPs post, I crocheted a cute little market bag of my own design for my grandmother’s birthday, and I gave it away without even snapping a picture on my phone. I was pretty busy planning not only for Grandma’s birthday but my hubby’s as well. We celebrated on Monday, which is why I neglected to post an Off the Shelf. I was busy blowing up balloons and cooking breakfast for dinner.

So, this week, I’m making Dawn Toussaint’s Wednesday the Pig for my niece. She saw my original pig, and she asked if I’d make one for her. She’s 8 years old, and I figured that she was just being 8, hoping that I’d give her the original pig right then and there. (Unfortunately, I couldn’t because I was using it as a prop for a game — long story.) Anyway, it’s been a few weeks since then, and my niece asked me a second time this weekend if I could make the pig for her.

Now, I’m on it!


She asked for purple — or blue and green. 🙂

scarletIn the world of books, I started Scarlet, the second book in the Lunar Chronicles by Marissa Meyer. It’s been entertaining so far. I confess, I’m reading it more to see how Cinder and Prince Kai get together than anything else. I hate to admit it, but I really don’t care about Scarlet’s missing grandmother.

Book One reinterprets the story of Cinderella, and Book Two tackles Little Red Riding Hood. There’s a fiendishly handsome and endearingly vulnerable street fighter named Wolf, and Scarlet is a redhead with a temper.

I feel the same way about this series as I did the Divergent series when I read the first two books by Veronica Roth a year or so ago before the movie craze.

I did not particularly care for the Divergent series. I read the first two books, but I wasn’t interested enough to read the third one. I can’t even really remember how the second one ended. Casual plot curiosity more than good writing kept me coming back. I’ve never written a book or even had a good idea for one, so I don’t pretend that I’m in a position to judge, but I am a reader, this was my reaction. I feel the same way about the Lunar Chronicles. Great idea, mediocre execution. Engaging premise, poor world building.


Do you hate me now that I’ve confessed I’m not a fan of Divergent?



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