Apologies and Updates


My dear friends, I must apologize for going AWOL last week. The great part about being a stay-at-home freelancer is that I have lots of flexibility to write blogs and crochet happy things. The other great part is that sometimes I get super busy and deadlines converge at the same time and I spend hour upon hour glued to my computer screen typing furiously, and when that happens I am dead to my blog and all my social media outlets.

I say that’s “great” because busy = $ but it also means my dear little blog must take a back seat. For some bloggers, blogs = $ but I’m not one of them. (Maybe someday.) For now, work = $ and there’s nothing wrong with that, right?

Anyway, all that work means that I haven’t been spending much time with yarn and hook, but I did manage to finish block No. 5 for Moogly’s CAL. It’s Lion’s Mane by April Moreland, and it’s just gorgeous. I crocheted it this past weekend in the car while the hubs and I drove out to Arizona for a visit. I even snapped a picture of the open road for you.


After getting about halfway through, my husband said, “That’s a pretty circle.”


I replied, “Watch closely and in a few minutes it will magically transform into a square.”


In the world of books, I read three short ones:

time_machine     just_so_stories     cinder

The Time Machine” was very mysterious. H. G. Wells basically took the major social and moral ills of the time (class distinctions) and imagined what the world would look like if people took these ills to the extreme. In his version of the future, there were overlanders (upper class) and underworlders (lower class), and neither were a pretty sight. I thought to myself, what are society’s greatest ills right now? If I were to imagine them taken to the extreme, what would that look like? Well, in my opinion, society’s current epic flaws are selfishness and permissiveness. Those taken to the extreme would make for a horror story, I think.

The Just So Stories” by Rudyard Kipling was a pleasure to read. Jungle fairy stories! Minus, of course, a few racial comments that are considered slurs nowadays but back then were proper to say in front of children (which is probably why so many copies are abridged or “selected”). I love his use of repetition and epic epithets, “my best beloved.” Even though they may get boring to read on the page, when read aloud with tons of expression, I’m sure they’re highly entertaining for kids. I kept thinking to myself, “Oh! That would be a fun animal to crochet.” I’d love to make a “Just So Stories” menagerie. Maybe someday…

Cinder” by Marissa Meyer has an interesting setting. Of course, it’s a futuristic society, but it’s set in Asia rather than in traditional France or Britain, which is refreshing. It kept my interest (for a teen novel) and definitely turns the “everyone gasps as Cinderella enters the ballroom” scene upside down. I will probably read the sequels. On a grammar note, I caught a few typos in the print. Tsk, tsk, tsk…


Are you too busy with work to crochet or read?



2 thoughts on “Apologies and Updates

  1. I love your open road picture…. the sky is gorgeous! I thought you were making a mandala at first. It turned into a lovely square. NEVER too busy to crochet. Just the opposite…too busy crocheting to do much of anything else. 🙂 Hope you are having a great week.

  2. Goodness me that road looks so long and flat. I’m in the alps so all the horizons are ‘pointy’.
    Like your circle that became a square!!

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