ColLINKtion: Crochet Your Own Kids’ Games



Everyone here in Southern California is jumping up and down because we’re finally getting some rain in these parts. Kids who have been outside all winter playing sports, tumbling all over playgrounds, and combing the beach probably think it’s a real novelty to have to actually stay inside for once.

(Those of you who have been in the deep freeze all winter are probably encouraging your kids to go out now that some of the snow is finally melting.)

Well, no matter where you live, if you have housebound kids — little kids — you might be able to entertain them with a few fun crochet games! (If you can scrape together a few spare moments to actually make them and if the kids aren’t too busy playing video games to care.)

I remember playing board games like Mall Madness, Pizza Party, Clue, and Guess Who with my brother. He loved Payday, but I never much cared for it. What I loved was sending my brother on treasure hunts. I’d hide a series of clues, one leading to the next, and he’d have to follow them till he reached the end, kind of like Hansel with his breadcrumbs.

Anyhow, I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of crochet games. Here are nine of my favorites!


1. Ninja Bowling by Michelle Townley {FREE!}

Why bowl with regular pins, when you can knock over a phalanx of stealthy ninjas?


2. Sunburst Pocket Flyer by Diane Lyles $3

Make one in a different color for each kid, and have competitions to see whose flies farthest. Would also make a great park toy for Rover.


3. Chess Set by Sharon Coleman $10

Love the colors! The chess board is actually a drawstring bag that holds all the exquisitely shaped pieces.


4. Gaming Dice by June Gilbank $6

I’m linking to the polyhedral ball pattern. You buy an expansion pack for the numbering, I think, but you can also freehand it if you’re savvy.


5. Rainbow Fishing Game by Nichole Cupp {FREE!}

A kids’ classic! What cheerful colors. Perfect for toddlers.


6. Tin of Tans by Christine Guest $5

I’m totally taken with these. First, I love tangrams. Second, crochet tangrams? Yes!


7. Give Me a Clew Afghan by Woolly Thoughts $3.50

This one isn’t so much a game as it is game-inspired, but what kids wouldn’t love trying to solve this maze by pushing M&Ms or marbles along the labyrinth?


8. Felted Checkers Set by Lion Brand Yarn {FREE!}

There are so many checkerboard patterns out there, but don’t you think a felted set sounds yummy? Plus, this seems like a good pattern for someone who is new to felting.


9. Fun & Games Bag by Sharon Volkman {FREE!}

This was one of the best tic-tac-toe patterns I could find. And the pattern includes two other games (dominoes and checkers) and the playing surface doubles as a bag. On top of that, it’s free!



What is your favorite childhood game?


One thought on “ColLINKtion: Crochet Your Own Kids’ Games

  1. Dogfight was a WWI game with little plastic biplanes. My brother and I would play the Snoopy vs. The Red Baron 45s while we pllayed the game

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