ColLINKtion: 6 Free Pinkie Patterns for YOU!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

At one point in my past, I worked as a receptionist behind the front desk at a sleek company that only hired beautiful, attractive people (seriously…I’m not kidding). It was at this point in my life that I began to understand exactly how BIG gift giving is on Valentine’s Day.

Don’t get me wrong. My husband is romantic and gives me little love tokens. But the sheer volume of stuff that passed across my desk on Valentine’s Day was staggering. Seeing all of it with my own eyes made me think of the whole day like it was a competition of some kind.

Vases brimming with luscious roses, boxes stuffed with chocolatey balls of heaven, heart-shaped containers tied with buttery soft ribbon…but flowers were definitely most popular. I remember one towering arrangement came in what looked like an upside-down bell jar filled with faux diamonds of different sizes floating in rose-tinted water, and the spray of flowers exploding from the top seemed like pure love bubbling and budding out from diamond-encrusted stems. All the other bouquets looked sad and wilty compared to that one.

But if you aren’t expecting a lavish gift this year, I’ve got an idea…

Make one for yourself!

You gotta show ol’ No. 1 a little love from time to time. We can’t properly love others if we don’t love ourselves first, right?

For today’s ColLINKtion, I’ve compiled six FREE crochet patterns in Valentine’s Day pink. If you’re going to spend your V-Day like Bridget Jones spends her New Year’s, then I recommend yarn over booze any day. It’s less fattening and better company.


1. Mary Jane Slippers by Lisa Gutierrez


2. Pink Square Motif Shawl by Elaine Phillips


3. Free Cluster Necklace Pattern by Donna Collinsworth


4. May Roses by Lucy of Attic24


5. Pink Circles by Muraka Mari


6. Pink Sparkle Crochet Bracelet by Lion Brand Yarn


And, of course, I should add my own little Valentine’s Day Crochet Freebie! The Lacy Heart-Shaped Sleep Mask, which also happens to be pink.



Any of these would make a lovely gift. So show yourself a little love.


Do you EVER give yourself gifts?


4 thoughts on “ColLINKtion: 6 Free Pinkie Patterns for YOU!

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