ColLINKtion: 8 Free Valentine’s Day Crochet Patterns to Gift

I know it’s not quite February yet, but Valentine’s Day is everywhere. Are you in the habit of making things for your Valentine? Crochet flowers are certainly less expensive than real ones and — if you add a few squirts of perfume — just as fragrant. Crochet candies are far less fattening than real chocolates, although, I will admit, they don’t quite taste the same.

If you’re already thinking about what you should make your significant other for Valentine’s Day, I’ve got eight FREE crochet patterns to point you in the right direction. I tried to stay away from super traditional stuff — heart-shaped flower bouquets and afghans and such — and focus on not-so normal ideas.

Whether you’re crafting for your guy, your girl, your baby, or just a friend, hopefully you’ll find one of these inspiring.


1. Heartfelt Bicycle Seat Cover by Amie Hirtes

While I’m dubious as to the comfort and cleanliness of this one, it’s super different and perfect for a cyclist — who maybe has multiple seats in storage, and they need covers to keep the dust off.


2. Recycled Heart Basket by Gabriele Boldt – GaBoSocks

Made from recycled plastic bags, this cute heart basket is the perfect way to reuse Target bags.


3. Crochet Valentine Postcard by Millie from Ruby and Custard

She even includes a tutorial for attaching a homemade felt envelope to the back, which can hold a love note. What a cute touch.


4. Eye Heart Ewe! by Nancy Anderson

It would be loads of laughs to attach these to a T-shirt or bag.


5. Ric-Rac Heart Headband by Jenny Allbritain

Baby love! If you extend the headband portion, I’m sure this would fit a young child, too.


6. Danish Heart by Allison Baker

Makes a great potholder for the kitchen. Choose awesome colors like neon green and turquoise.


7. Conversation Hearts by Crochet Today!

The “fiber puns” on these hearts are perfect for your significant other who must endure your constant crocheting.


8. Romantic Wrap by Susan Lowman

Makes a nice gift for mom or grandma. Vintage girly!


You have plenty of time to crochet one of these gifts before V-day. And don’t forget about my own FREE pattern — the fun and frilly lacy heart-shaped sleep mask.



If you had to put a percentage on it, how many gifts do you make versus buy?


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