Just Crocheting-a-Long…


Da da da daaaaa! I’m participating in my first ever crochet along. I’m joining Tamara Kelly over at Moogly for her 2014 afghan crochet-a-long. I was surprised to discover that the CAL lasts all year. For some reason, I thought they were on the shorter side, but if I’m honest with myself, it would probably take me a year to crochet a 24-block afghan anyway, so why not do it along with hundreds of other fun people?

Since everywhere I look I see nautical color schemes, I went for Vanna’s Choice Lion Brand yarn in navy, fern, linen, and mustard.


Here’s my Block No. 1!


It’s called the Anticipation Mystery Afghan 12″ Block, designed by Margaret MacInnis. It’s challenging enough to be fun but not what I’d consider hard. And it’s full of glorious detail.


Block No. 2 was announced just last week, and it’s the Catalina Afghan Square by Julie Yeager. It’s a much simpler design, which is nice because I like to be able to look away from the instructions from time to time.



I also just finished Margaret Atwood’s The Robber Bride, which she based on the Grimm fairy tale “The Robber Bridegroom,” which is a gruesome story about a suitor who turns out to be a woman-killer. In Atwood’s version, she changes the male suitor to a sexy woman, who steals other women’s husbands away, uses them, and then discards them (a man-eater rather than a woman-killer).

I actually really liked Atwood’s take on the story. Zenia (the robber bride) does steal husbands, but all the guys that she takes are total losers and the wives are, in my opinion, much better off without them. That ironic twist makes me wonder if Zenia is supposed to be bad or good after all. There’s a lot to say about the book, but I’ll only mention one quick thing.

One of the characters reminisces about reading fairy tales to her twin daughters. The girls decide that one of the little pigs should get thrown into the boiling cauldron rather than the Big Bad Wolf. She’s amazed by how bloodthirsty children can be. She says the “authentic fairy tales in the gnarly-tree editions, not a word changed, all the pecked-out eyes and cooked bodies and hanged corpses and red-hot nails intact” didn’t bother them. Maybe when we’re kids we don’t have enough sympathy (or empathy) to really understand pain and suffering and that’s why stories like “The Robber Bridegroom” don’t bother us.

On a side note, a crochet hook appears once in the novel! One of the main characters is remembers how her mother used to clean:

“Sometimes she stuck a crochet hook down the sink drain on the second floor and hauled up a wad of slimy, soap-covered, festering hair.”



When did you participate in your first CAL? What was the project? Did you end up finishing?

P.S. I saw that Ginny over at Small Things is hosting a Yarn Along today, and people are posting pictures of their WIPs and books! So, I had to jump in on the fun. Check it out and see the other wonderful projects (and reads) there.


3 thoughts on “Just Crocheting-a-Long…

  1. I also joined this CAL. I am really enjoying the squares too. My first ever CAL was a bust and the creator just lost interest. Pretty sucky. I’m still plugging away at my project though. It’s the rainbow sunburst granny square afghan that I blogged about a week or so ago. 🙂

  2. I’ve never done a CAL, but I did crochet a giant afghan where each of the blocks were different – it was the one published over several issues in Interweave Crochet a while ago. I loved doing it – I hope you enjoy making yours!

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