Barnyard Fun


I am literally shaking with delight at what I made this week.

Do you recognize who these little guys are?


That’s right! It’s Wilbur and Charlotte!



It’s so easy to make a bookish gift for someone simply by putting together a few patterns that represent the book.

For example, here, I used the inspiring Dawn Toussaint’s pattern for Wednesday the Pig and the fantastic Allison Hoffman’s pattern for the Sheep(ish) Spider, both of which are FREE!

Make Wilbur in a pukey pastel pink…



…and add some innocent blue eyes…



…and Wednesday makes a very convincing substitute for Wilbur.

Crochet the spider with gray yarn…



…and you’ve got a dead ringer for Charlotte.

I modified Hoffman’s pattern a bit. I didn’t have gray chenille wires to use as legs, so I just subbed four strands of gray yarn. To keep them from fraying at the ends, I dabbed a bit of clear nail polish on the tips.



When I was finished, I left a VERY long piece of tail yarn, which I used to FO the body, but I didn’t cut it. Instead, I poked my threaded needle straight through the top of Charlotte’s head, giving the impression that the yarn is a strand of her magical web.

When you combine patterns like this, you have an awesome present to go along with the book! After kids read the story, they can reenact it with the dolls. Am I the only one who did that as a kid?

In tomorrow’s ColLINKtion, I’ll show you more patterns I found that go along with “Charlotte’s Web.”


Have you ever crocheted anything “literary”?


2 thoughts on “Barnyard Fun

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