ColLINKtion: The Little Mermaid

Back in the days of yore on this blog, I shared my mermaid book in an Off the Shelf post. I was one of those girls who tried to swim with my legs together in the pool and did the “Ariel hair flip” over and over again till my head got waterlogged.

So, since it’s the middle of winter, I thought I’d warm things up a bit with some mermaid patterns. There are so many mermaid-inspired crochet patterns that I had to divide them between free and paid. I must warn you in advance that I crumbled in the face of cute amigurumi, and I also considered scaly and fishy clothing patterns. I tried to stick with mermaids and not other sea creatures.

If you haven’t read the Hans Christian Andersen story — and even if you have — I highly recommend Sur La Lune’s FREE online annotated version. Actually, I recommend reading anything of Sur La Lune’s.

So, here are my favorite FREE fiber renderings for “The Little Mermaid.”


1. Merfish by knitalatte

She shows how you can add a chain and wear these adorable rock cozies as necklaces.


2. Camila, the Amigurumi Mermaid Pattern by Camila Larsen

Larsen blogs in Spanish but provides a PDF with pattern instructions in English. This doll looks nice and durable for little mer-kids.


3. Baby Mermaid and Little Lobster by Michele Wilcox

What’s cuter than an amigurumi mermaid? A baby amigurumi mermaid! But shouldn’t she be older before she wears “training shells”?


4. Mandy Mermaid and Tansy the Fish by Sue Pendleton

Pendleton offers a miniature version of this adorable pattern here.


5. Little Mermaid Motif by Chinami Horiba

This pattern is in Japanese, but Horiba provides a stitch chart.


6. Mermaid Tail by Kat Goldin

There are dozens of infant mermaid tails out there, and this one is spot on — and free.


7. Mermaid Flapper by Carrie Piper

I love how the staggered shell stitches create the appearance of scales.


And if you can spare some cash for your next mermaid crochet escapade, here are my PAID favs.


1. Mermaid Tail and Shell Bikini with Ruffles by Thomasina Cummings

This infant tail stands out from the crowd. Cummings found a clever use for ruffle yarn besides scarves.


2. Mere the Mermaid Amigurumi Pattern by Mia Zamora Johnson

Who doesn’t love Owlishly’s adorable dolls? This one is so fresh and sweet and has a classic ami look to it.


3. Lalylala crochet pattern N° XI – Mermaid by Lydia Tresselt

I love how long and lanky this doll is. Tresselt opted for cropped wavy hair as opposed to long flowing locks. The red accessories — not to mention the anchor tattoo on her upper arm — add just the right touch.


4. The Little Mermaid Skirt by Sara Dudek

After you’re done drooling over this skirt, you have to visit Sara Dudek’s blog and Ravelry profile and check out her amazing bags, hats, and sweaters. I’ve admired her for a while.


5. Arianna Mermaid Doll by Carolyn Christmas

It’s no wonder Christmas’ brand is called Gourmet Crochet. All her patterns look good enough to eat.



Do you love the ocean, or (like me) are you afraid of it?


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