Tutorial: Changing Color in Amigurumi

I’ve been creating a lot of patterns here behind the scenes, and in most of them, the directions require switching colors. Is switching colors different in amigurumi than in flat crochet? Not too much, but it’s worth taking a closer look at it.

Most amigurumi is worked in a spiral, which means you get a jagged edge where one color stops and the other starts. Some clever designers have come up with ways to minimize that jagged join while still working spirals.

I’ve put together a video AND a photo tutorial for changing color in amigurumi. I show you the traditional way of changing color first, and then I show you a “smooth join” version that Christen Haden at NeedleNoodles describes on her blog, which I find very lovely.

I’ve done a video and a photo tutorial. Here’s the video:

And here’s the photo tutorial:

Changing Color Tutorial Version 1 (Traditional Way)

Here is where we start. Let’s say I want to join a new color NOT in the next stitch but the stitch after that. Here’s what I do.


Step 1: Insert hook into next stitch and draw up a loop just like you would for a normal single crochet.


Step 2: Instead of using the original yarn to YO and complete the sc, use the new yarn instead. Wrap the new yarn around the hook.


And pull through the two loops on the hook.


You’ve done it!

Step 3: Sc in the next stitch like normal.


And keep going with the new color.


Great job!

Changing Color Tutorial Version 2 (Seamless Way)

Let’s try NeedleNoodles’ seamless color change. Follow Steps 1 and 2 above to position the new color on the hook. Yarn over…


…and pull through the stitch AND the loop on the hook to create a slip stitch.


From there, sc like normal in the following stitches.


When you reach the end of the round, do you work into the sl st? YES! You do! Insert your hook into the sl st…


…and work it like a regular stitch.


Don’t skip the sl st. It’ll throw off your stitch count if you do. The sl st doesn’t create a totally seamless join, but it’s far less jagged than the traditional way.


Take a look at the video tutorial for more visuals. Enjoy!


Do you know of any tricks for minimizing the jagged color change while still crocheting in the round?


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