Making Whatever I Want

WIPandBIP…sniff, sniff…

Do you smell it in the air?

…inhale, exhale…

It’s filling your lungs.

[extend arms outward like you’re Fraulein Maria, and twirl like you’re standing on a pristine Austrian hillside]

It’s freedom!

After frantically crocheting Christmas gifts, it’s so nice to just make whatever I want for no reason whatsoever.

And that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing since Dec. 25.

Want to see?

I had some leftover purple yarn that I thought would work well on Pinar Vardar’s Bulky Skullcap from last week’s “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” ColLINKtion.


I used a 10 mm (N) hook, and it came out a tad big for my head, but that could be because I crocheted loosely. Overall, I love how it turned out!


So stylish!


I also made another pair of Neon Love Mitts (Meghan Fernandes) out of a softer, stretchier yarn — baby yarn, actually. And I must admit that I’m hopelessly in love with them. The only sad part is that they restrict my pinky a bit so I can’t really wear them when I type on the computer. (First-world problems…)




I shouldn’t really brush over Project Christmas Crochet, though. Everyone really liked the stuff I made them — or at least they pretended to! The only problem is that I’m terrible at snapping good pictures. All I have are dark, noisy pictures I took on my phone.

But the hubs actually wore his beanie! I mentioned this hat in a previous WIP&BIP post.


I made Dad and Brother one hat each.

And my little niece really liked the hat and matching wristers I whipped up.


Both patterns were free! I made the Little Girls’ Wristers by Kim Guzman for Red Heart and McKinley’s Springtime Hat by Kirsten Spitzer.

Gotta celebrate the successes, right?


Which of your handmade holiday gifts was the biggest hit?


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