Hubby Hats and Pouring Rain


So, I’m trying to figure out something to crochet my husband that he’ll actually wear.

First of all, I know I’d be torturing him if I made him a sweater or a vest or a cardigan or anything like that. He barely wears the knit items that I buy for him let alone make.

He’s never worn a scarf in his life. I can just forget about scarves.

He’d never wear gloves made of cloth. “What’s the point?” he asks. He’s a leather work gloves kind of guy.

I’ve crocheted several afghans that sit in plain sight on our couch, but he doesn’t snuggle with them much.

He’s very particular about his hair, but he has been known to wear a baseball cap from time to time on stinky Saturday mornings. I think he owns one beanie from 1998. But I’m figuring a hat of some sort is the best of my rapidly dwindling options.

So, I go to Ravelry and search for “man beanie.”

And here is where I must pause and make a confession.

I’m a total photo snob on Ravelry. I gravitate toward the patterns that have stunning feature photos, and I tend to dismiss the rest. This is totally natural, but it’s a really bad search technique. I know that I’m limiting my options when I do this. So this time, I tried to overcome it.

I chose the Reversible Strands for Men hat by Nancy Smith, and even though the feature photo isn’t exactly editorial quality, I’m really pleased with the result so far!

I think my husband might actually wear this one. It’s got all the ingredients a hubby hat needs.

Ugly colors in a soft acrylic yarn. Check.


Thick, many ribbing for Chuck Norris-level protection. Check


I’m going to strike gold with this one. I can feel it.


Meanwhile, it was kind of hot yesterday — at least in the 70s — but today it did this outside.


Then stuff fell from the sky.


This is as close as it gets to winter in San Diego.


What do you crochet for the males in your life? I could really use some inspiration.


2 thoughts on “Hubby Hats and Pouring Rain

  1. Reblogged this on gottagetagift and commented:
    So I am browsing through Book People Blog and enjoying it immensely. I am busy pinning items and printing patterns when I realized I could put comments on my new blog.
    I recently got one and haven’t posted anything yet. I wanted to write a nice introduction and add some photos.
    However it didn’t seem to emerge so I will jump in by saying this hat is a great design. My husband would not wear a hat but one of my sons adores hats and in honor of him I have set up a board on Pinterest called A Mans View From The Top. I have collected many crochet and knit beanies for the guys. So far a few people are following the board and I can easily choose which hat to make for my son before winter.
    Hopefully I will be able to focus soon so I can give some background info on myself and explain what I would like to share on my blog gottagetagift. There is a story behind this name too.

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