Back from Vacation. Onward with Christmas WIPs!


My husband and I planned a strategically timed getaway for last week. We spent five glorious days here…



My batteries are fully recharged, and—more importantly—my husband’s are, too. That guy works like a dog.

The only bad thing about being on vacation?

No yarn.

We packed extremely light for this tropical trip. We brought one backpack each, leaving no room for anything else besides clothing and toiletries. It’s a good thing I didn’t bring any yarn, though, because it was so incredibly humid at our resort that nothing fully dried out. Anything that got wet—swimsuits, workout clothes—stayed that way. And even dry things got moist. My cell phone cover actually accumulated this weird filmy layer. Can you imagine if I brought yarn? Yuuuck!

But a crochet-less week was a minuscule sacrifice for days filled with warm sun, crashing waves, and all the Mexican food I could stuff myself with. (I ran 5k in the resort gym every morning out of sheer, blinding guilt. And I did it in soggy workout clothes, too.)

But now that I’m back, it’s time to go into full blown Christmas gift-making mode.

Who is in the same boat with me?

Over the past few months, I’ve accumulated a little stash of potential gifts. Hopefully, these’ll spark some ideas for your own handmade gift giving.

Frayed Knot’s 15-Minute Coffee Sleeve


Here’s mine! I think I’m going to make a bunch of these and pair them with the $1 reusable coffee cups from Starbucks — great stocking stuffer!


And I noticed that the wrong side produces a nice textured pattern, too.


Twist Fingerless Gloves by Bethany Scofield


Here’s mine! The “twist” part on the palms is very pronounced, and the gloves are pretty warm.


Mint Chocolate Beanie by Amanda Muscha


Here’s mine. I thought the colors would be calming and neutral, but they ended up just being kind of icky. 😉 I’ll have to try it with a different color combo, but I must confess, it took me a LONG time to finish this, even though the pattern is great and easy to read.


Super Slouch Hat by Danyel Pink


Here’s mine. I actually really love how this looks on, but I wasn’t up for modeling today.


As for BIPs, I’m kind of embarrassed because I’m still listening to the Harry Potter series on audiobook. It’s been so long since I’ve read them, and I forgot how much those doggone lovable wizards suck you in.


What are you crocheting for Christmas?


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