FOs on Vacation


At this very moment, the hubs and I are on vacation! But I had to share a few FOs from my Thanksgiving trip. We did a lot of driving, and when I wasn’t putting pedal to the metal, I was crocheting.

When I say a lot of driving, I mean a lot of driving. Wednesday we drove 6 hours. Thursday we drove 3 hours. Friday we drove 2.5 hours. Sunday we drove nearly 12 hours. That’s almost a full 24 hours of driving.

And here’s what I have to show for it…


I was so happy with how my last Elise Shawl turned out, I decided to make another one in gold yarn for my sister-in-law.


The yarn looks brown in these terrible photos, but it’s shimmery gold. Take my word for it.

I also tried Meghan Fernandes’ Neon Love Mitts, and I fell in love with the pattern. It’s so easy and whips up like nothing. I should’ve used softer, more flexible yarn, but I was smitten with them nonetheless.



And over Thanksgiving, I gave my nephews their Baby Mike and Sully dolls, and they loved them! They literally carried the dolls around with them all weekend.


All said, it was a pretty good weekend for crochet.


What is the most you’ve ever crocheted in one weekend?


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