ColLINKtion: Perfect Pie

I hope that those of you in the U.S. had a wonderful Thanksgiving yesterday and that your tummy is full of turkey, potatoes, beans, corn bread — and dessert!

At holiday dinners, potlucks, or any other group meal, do you ever get caught up in the great debate?

What is the great debate?


Some people prefer cake to pie. They don’t like the gooey texture of fruity pie filling, or they prefer their desserts to have more substance than just airy meringue. Others don’t like the spongy texture of cake, and they can’t stand the sugary frosting-slathered corner pieces.

People on opposite sides of the fence politely tolerate one another’s views, but they are quite staunch in their preferences and will argue with gusto to ensure their confection of choice receives proper credit.

I’m definitely a pie girl.

That’s why I took a break from books and chose pie as my theme for this week’s ColLINKtion. There are a ton of cute crocheted pies out there, and here are some of my favs.


1. Lemon Merangue Pie Slice by Sherry Rohekar {FREE!}

2. Mini Pumpkin Pie by Ice Pandora {FREE!}

3. Squeeze and Sniff Pumpkin Pie by Allison Hoffman {FREE!} This one actually includes a pumpkin pie scented sachet. I bow to Allison Hoffman.

4. Pie Play Food by Crochet and Play Designs

5. Blackbird Pie (makes the list because it comes complete with actual blackbirds) by Red Heart {FREE}

6. Cherry Pie by Sherry Rohekar {FREE!}

7. Pie-rets by Regina Rioux (Perfect for those of you who want to wear your love of pie on your head as opposed to your sleeve)

And don’t forget my own cute {and FREE} Apple Pie Potholder pattern!




Are you on Team Pie or Team Cake?

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, it’s time for my Christmas Countdown! Wahoo!


(I have to pretend that it’s snowing here in So. Cal.)


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