I’m the Mad Hatter


I now have …




I’m still furiously trying to crochet hats for our Mexico trips the first two weekends in December. In the past, I’ve always donated shoes and toys, but this year, I decided I needed to step it up and send some handmade goodness. It’s about time, I say.

I’ve got small hats and big hats.


Colorful hats — if somewhat misguided.


And even unintentionally patterned hats!


The stack o’ love is growing!


I did finish the Elise Shawl, and I’m so pleased with how it turned out.


Don’t tell my secret pal that I wore it. 🙂

My little nephews put “Monster’s University” on their Christmas list, so I picked it up for them the other day. I decided to make Josephine Wu’s adorable Baby Mike and Baby Sully to go along with it.

Don’t these make you want to just bask in the glow of their cuteness?


Mine are coming along. I’ve got Mike done, but I haven’t started on Sully.


Actually, I haven’t hot glued Mike’s eye down yet, so that’s why he looks a little goggly.

I’ve moved on to “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix.” It’s truly amazing how quickly I can rip through a Harry Potter audiobook. I must attribute it to (crank up the false modesty) all the time I spend listening while at the gym. Someone should seriously start a boot camp or a running group that focuses on the literary benefits of fitness. In this imaginary group, everyone would listen to the same book while working out and then have a group discussion during the post-workout trip to Starbucks.

I would SO join.

They could advertise the boot camp with posters of seriously chiseled people holding books aloft in some kind of warrior yoga pose. The tagline could be “Reading makes you ripped.” Yes. That would definitely work. Someone do it!

(If you’re totally lost and you don’t know what WIPs and BIPs are, click here.)


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