Off the Shelf: Black Beauty

As a kid, I was not one of those horse girls. My friend Kim was, though. She took riding lessons and wore tall boots. She had plastic horses that she played with.

I never really understood it. Real horses kind of scared me up close, even though I thought they were beautiful.

That is probably why I never read “Black Beauty” growing up. I just didn’t connect with horses.

But that didn’t stop me from picking up a copy of “Black Beauty” (by Anna Sewell, illustrated by Lucy Kemp-Welch. Copyright 1986 by dilithium Press Ltd., Children’s Classics Edition) when I saw it at the used bookstore.


I do think the illustrations here are very nice. I much prefer kids look at a horse’s rippling muscles rather than a teenage boy’s abs, which seem all too prevalent on tween book covers.




I also like these images of Beauty with her handlers.




Even though I do not ride and I am not a horse girl, I can appreciate these nice images. Here’s to horses!

Also, happy Veteran’s Day to all of you in the U.S.


Are you a horse person?


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