ColLINKtion: Movember

Da-da-da-daaaa! Today, I’m introducing ColLINKtion (co-link-shun). It’s a noun that I invented. It means “collection of links.”

This blurby department, which you will (hopefully!) see every Friday, will help me ease my compulsive desire to collect, curate and archive. Each week, I’ll pick a new theme and find links to beautiful and creative crochet (maaaybe knit) patterns that fall into that theme.

Simple enough, right?

This week, my theme is Movember. I already told you why I’m a big supporter of Movember. So the support continues. I searched high and low for mustache (or moustache) crochet patterns, and here are my favorites.


1. Mustache Mitts by Kim Miller at Knot Sew Cute

2. Crochet Mustache Quartet by Prick Your Finger

3. Mustache Mug Hug by Red Heart Yarn {FREE!}

4. Mustache Silhouette Blanket by Briana Olsen at Bowtykes

5. Checker Mustache Pillow by Anna and Crissy at Bits & Bobbles

6. Handlebar Mustache and Burns by Louie’s Loops {FREE!}

7. Cross Stitch Mustache Phone Cozy by a la Sascha

8. Lil Moustache Easter Eggs by Little Yarn Friends {FREE!}

9. Mustache Pillow by Red Heart Yarns {FREE!}

And don’t forget my little freebie pattern, the Movember Mustache Ring!



Do you find Movember mostly motivating or mostly mortifying?


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