WIPs and BIPs

WIPandBIPToday I’m proud to introduce a new little department on this blog. I’m calling it WIPs and BIPs. It’s a space for me to vent about my fiber works in progress (WIPs) and books in progress (BIPs).

I’ve got a lot of disjointed babblings in store for this particular day, but you may get a good pattern or novel recommendation from it, never know.

So, here are my WIPs. Christmas is coming up, and I’m furiously making gifts. My church has a ladies’ group, and we do secret pals. It’s really sweet, actually. At our end-of-the-year party, we reveal who we are and give each other gifts. My secret pal is a sweet, kind-hearted woman in her 60s. Since I knew she probably wouldn’t know what to do with an amigurumi doll, I decided to make her the Elise Shawl by Evan Plevinski. I’m using a glittery thread-weight yarn in Christmas red, so I hope it’ll come in handy over the holidays.




I’m also crocheting charity hats. Every year, our church takes two trips to Mexico, where we have some missions. The areas are rural and poor. We throw a Christmas party and — most importantly — make friends with the people there and connect with them. One of these towns in particular experiences a lot of cold weather in the winter, and they can really use hats. I’ve got six made so far!


These whip up in an hour or two, and I just make the pattern up in my head, varying it as I go along.

Sometimes I go for stripes.


Other times poofs.


And — this is the best part — they said, “The more colorful, the better!” So I’ve come up with some pretty rowdy color combinations


Our trips are the first two weekends in December, so we’ll see how many I can make before then.


As for BIPs, I’ve been addicted to audiobooks lately because I can have hook in hand and book in ear. At the moment, I’m listening to “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.” I read it ages ago, so it’s fun to have a second listen.


Quick story. The very first job I ever had was at a bookstore in the local mall. My very first day at work was the day that “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” hit the shelves. I wasn’t one of the sellers who had to arrive at the store at midnight to sell the first copies to crazed Potter fans, but when I came into work later that day, I did have to wear a cape and these plastic round-lens glasses and a lightning bolt tattoo on my forehead. At that point, I didn’t know who Harry Potter was, and I had no idea what all the fuss was about.


How old were you when you read your first Harry Potter book?


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