Off the Shelf: Classic Fairy Tales

Well, I’m on vacation this week. It’s kind of a volun-cation because I’m volunteering at a Vacation Bible School on a Native American reservation in the middle of nowhere, Arizona. It’s my eighth year doing it, and it’s incredible.

But on my way through Phoenix, I stopped at Half Price Books, just to see what they had. It’s a cute little secondhand chain bookstore.

For a mere $4, I found a lovely copy of Classic Fairy Tales. It’s got stories by Charles Perrault and Hans Christian Anderson. The illustrations are very interesting. They’re kind of medieval/renaissance style. I’m pretty tired after a full day of goldfish crackers and glitter and singing with hand motions, so I’m just going to let you enjoy them. I’m only posting the images from Perrault’s stories. I’ll save the others for another time.


Doesn’t Sleeping Beauty (the baby) with her mother look like a Madonna and Child?


In the story, it’s not the wicked witch in disguise who offers Sleeping Beauty the spindle. It’s a clueless old lady.



Here’s a great illustration of Flowers and Toads.


Can you guess who this is?


I love Cinderella’s short hairdo.



Do you recognize this villain?


Here’s Puss in Boots eating the giant-turned-mouse.


Aren’t these costumes awesome?





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