Pinterest No-Fails: Success with Upcycled Crafts

I don’t know about you, but I laugh like a hyena when I see Pinterest fails online. The worst ones really are the cupcakes, I’m not gonna lie. Even though I’m entertained, I know that poor person has to toss at least $15 worth of sugary goodness into the trash and then regretfully think of how much yarn she could’ve bought for $15.

I cannot stand having to throw away a failed craft. That’s when you know you really blew it — when you can’t salvage any of the materials. It all has to get dumped.

Ooo. It’s the worst.

Thankfully, I’ve had a streak — OK, well, two — Pinterest no-fails. Back in the spring, I posted about a few crafts I did where I followed the instructions on the tutorial and actually got something that looked pretty much like the fancy Photoshopped pictures the blogger posted.

I’m proud to announce that I had repeat successes this summer. And they’re both crafts that use recycled clothing. Drumroll please.

Denim Coasters


I made these coasters from seams and hems of my old jeans. I looked up this tutorial from My Recycled Bags, cut the fabric, and glued the snail-like roll together.

NOTE: I used hot glue and not fabric glue for this. Hot glue seemed to work pretty well, although I can tell that a few areas are loose.


You can see how different types of seams give the coasters a different look.


I had this hemp-y ribbon that I got from the dollar bin at Michael’s, and I wrapped it around the circumference of the coaster to kind of finish it off.


I followed the tutorial to a T, pretty much, and I got exactly what was promised. Yippee!

Now, on to craft No. 2.

T-Shirt Necklace


I had a few T-shirts in my closet that needed to be retired. The bright fuchsia was a promising color, and I’d seen so many uh-dorable upcycled T-shirt necklaces that I couldn’t help myself.

I used this tutorial from Whole Living as a guide for cutting my strips, which I made 1 inch thick. But I didn’t exactly want a bulky scarf-looking necklace. We’re experiencing a heat wave here in San Diego for crying out loud, and the last thing I needed was more armpit sweat.

So, I decided to braid three strands together to serve as the back half of the necklace so there wouldn’t be so much fabric so close to my neck.


I gathered a big bunch of T-shirt strands and pinched them together at each end. Then I joined one end of the braided strand to one of the sewed-together ends, and put in a few stitches to secure them together. Then, I wrapped the whole join tightly with one strand of T-shirt to hide the ugliness underneath. A simple whipstitch was all I needed to secure the folded-over end.


And summer loveliness was the result!


Here’s me wearing the necklace doing my angry-Elvis face. (It’s a nice alternative to duck face.)


Have you followed any craft tutorials that have given you no-fail results? I’d love to hear about them and try them for myself!


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