Back from a Wedding Adventure

Oh, how I missed you all last week. I didn’t post anything because I was up to my ears in burlap and lace at my brother’s wedding. His new bride perfectly planned and executed the cutest little barn wedding. Instead of my normal Off the Shelf book-sharing, I’ve decided to give you a little glimpse into the craftiness that went into this wedding, from beginning to end.

A burlap and lace theme is really popular for a frilled up version of a country wedding. When we made the shower invites, we used paper doilies and burlap strips to go along with the theme.


Decorating the vintage-themed bridal shower was a ton of fun. We pulled stuff from our homes and hardly had to make anything, except for this fun burlap curtain that we ended up using as a kind of table skirt. It made a great background for when the bride opened gifts.


I even put together this cute birdcage for the bride’s 7-year-old daughter, my now niece, to wear during the shower.


Thankfully, gift-givers at the shower themed a lot of their wrapping and packaging with burlap and lace. So I had no problem putting together a cute “bow bouquet” for the wedding rehearsal.


The wedding was at the cutest little venue. It had a big red barn across from this Victorian house, surrounded by green lawns and a couple of gardens.


Here’s the wedding pavilion before we set everything up. My brother wanted to experience that moment when the doors at the back of the church open and he sees the bride for the first time. Since there were no doors, the bride’s father, who is handy with a hammer and nails, made some.



We also stole this idea from Pinterest. I had a ton of fun painting these signs, minus a few splinters.


The day of the wedding, we girls primped and prepared ourselves in one of the rooms in the Victorian house. I couldn’t help snapping a few pictures of the memorabilia lying around. I was particularly taken with the craft stuff (go figure).



The bride picked out a stunning bridesmaid dress. At first I wasn’t sure, but it looked pretty good on all of us. The flower girl’s dress is from Etsy. Loved the feather skirt!



The bride herself looked like she belonged in the pages of a magazine. I didn’t tell her I’d be posting about the wedding, so I’m not going to include any direct images. Here she is from the back, though.


The reception area was a sight to behold. The bride and groom were on a strict budget, but they managed to make the place look great without spending a ton of money. They chose to craft candles, mason jars, and lanterns as opposed to using fresh flower centerpieces and the tables looked great. They rented a couple of fancy chandeliers to contrast with the industrial overhead lighting. Add a zig zag strand of bulb lights, and voila!







Even my best friend’s baby daughter got the memo and wore a vintage headband!


The smores bar was a big hit!



The cake was like a giant strawberry shortcake covered in berries and flowers. The groom’s cake was a luscious peanut butter cup affair that knocked my flowery heels off. Both cakes were lovingly made by a family friend.



Anyhow, now you know why I went off the grid. Hope you enjoyed this little snapshot of this cute wedding. Here are a few more images to send you off with.






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