Stitch of the Week: Bobble Kitchen Sponge Pattern


Ask 10 people what they use to wash dishes, and you’ll get 10 different answers. I used to have one of those brushes where you fill the handle with soap. Then I went through a rag stage. But most recently, I switched to sponges.

I use traditional green and yellow sponges, and, as we all know, they don’t last forever. At some point, they start to stink and they have to be thrown out. My husband tries to make them last by microwaving them in bleach, but that usually just makes them fall apart.

After the last bleach-microwave episode, I decided to crochet a sponge that I wouldn’t have to throw away. I can throw these little beauties in the wash, and voila! Like new.


One side has bobbles, and the other is flat. The “bobbles” are made from crocheting a combination of single crochet and triple crochet. Since the tr is three times as high as the sc, it scrunches down, creating a little bump. (That’s the “stitch” of the week, by the way.)

These sponges each have three colors, but they’re worked in one long strip folded into thirds. Super easy.


By doing the perimeter stitching in a contrasting color, it adds a little somethin’.


So, here’s the pattern!


Bobble Sponge Pattern


  • Worsted weight cotton yarn (I used Lily’s Sugar and Cream)
  • G hook
  • Yarn needle

Gauge: Not important, but my sponge measures approx. 3 by 5 inches, the same dimensions as a traditional green and yellow sponge.


Ch 13

Row 1: Sc in each ch across, ch 1, turn (12 sc)

Rows 2 to 49: Sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (If you want to change colors so each “layer” is a different color, change on rows 24 and row 49)

Row 50: (sc, tr) repeat a total of 5 times, sc in each of the last 2 sc, ch 1, turn (12 sts)

Row 51: Sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (12 sc)

Row 52: sc (sc, tr) repeat a total of 5 times, sc in last sc, ch 1, turn (12 sts — watch out, you’re making two sc at the beginning of the row)

Row 53: sc in each sc across, ch 1, turn (12 sc)

Row 54 to 69: Repeat rows 50 to 53 four times.

Finishing: Leave a three-foot long tail for sewing. Fold the long strip into thirds (at rows 24 and 49) with the bobble side facing outward, and sew around the perimeter. Weave in ends.

Here are a few pictures of the construction process. Here’s the long strip before folding.


Then, fold the long strip into thirds at rows 24 and 49.


Then stitch through all three layers around the perimeter of the sponge.



Here’s to adding a little handmade to your handwashing.


If you decide to give this a whirl, I’d love to see your FOs on Ravelry!


36 thoughts on “Stitch of the Week: Bobble Kitchen Sponge Pattern

  1. Thanks for the pattern, I can’t wait to try it! I have a question though, this looks very thick, does the sponge dry easily? If it stays wet too long in the core doesn’t it get moldy?

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  3. Please don’t microwave bleach!!!!! Heating bleach releases toxic fumes that can seriously seriously hurt you. I worked in a bio lab and this was a big deal. Please be safe.

  4. Do you think this could be done with the lily yarn and part with the scrubby yarn? It is a very nice pattern.

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  6. I am having a problem on row 50. I always count the chain one as the first stitch, so if I do five sets of sc tr. that’s ten stitches, then it says end with 2 sc….I only have one stitch left to do the 2 sc in. The chain 1 has to count as the first stitch does it not? If I count it and then do 12 more stitches…there should be 13 stitches not 12. Can u please help me out with this? I must be missing something. Thanks so much!!

    • Hi Wendy, you are working with 12 stitches. Don’t count the turning chain as the first stitch to be worked in. Row 50 starts with ONE sc, the next stitch is the tr. Repeating 5x = 10 stitches, so you have 2 stitches left for the ending 2 sc. Then, ch 1 and do one sc in each sc and each tr across. Then the next row starts with TWO sc, then the tr, repeat (sc, tr) 5x and you have only one sc at the end. You’ll notice the “bobble” (tr + sc doesn’t really make a bobble stitch, like in the photos) rows are not stacked in a linear fashion, but staggered in between each other. So you will have two sc at the end of the bobble row, the one next time, then 2 the next time. Hope that helps! Lyn

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  9. I agree with the other comment that the pic shown looks like a bobble stitch. I just finished making it as directed, but the “bobble” made by combining sc with tr looks nothing like the pic shown. Would love to know how the one in the pic was made because I prefer it to the way it came out from following directions.

    • Hi Paige, you’re right, the photo shows sc, then a bobble stitch, not a tr. Bobble is rach, just Google it. Basically, it starts as a dc, but don’t pull through the last 2 loops, just repeat drawing up a loop and pulling through only 2,until you have 4 loops on your hook, then yarn over and draw through the 4 loops. Both patterns are nice, I made one with real bobbles and only did 2/3 of the pattern to make the “sponge” less thick so it would dry faster. Also, if you do that, I only needed 10 bobble rows for the 2nd half (not 12) because the bobble rows are thicker. Fun pattern!

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  12. I am brand new to crocheting and I’m loving it so far. I saw this and jumped right in…however I got stuck in my tracks when it came to row 50 (the bobble). have you made a video how to do this? Please say yes and how I can find it 🙂

  13. These are genious! i hate sponges,everytime my husband brings them home i throw them away ,he gets so mad!! lol. These are awesome

    • These look cute but the directions are confusing. I gave up on it. TR usually means triple crochet but the picture looks like a bobble.

      • Maybe you missed this part? : “One side has bobbles, and the other is flat. The “bobbles” are made from crocheting a combination of single crochet and triple crochet. Since the tr is three times as high as the sc, it scrunches down, creating a little bump. (That’s the “stitch” of the week, by the way.)”

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  15. I am going to try this.. Looks great. I might add tulle with the thread to give it more ” scratchy” texture.i have made others that way but i like this patter a lot better. Thanks..

  16. Is there a video you have on making these? I just learn really well with a video when I am beginning a new pattern 🙂 Thank you!

  17. I have made two of these up to give to my Momma as a Christmas present! Odd, I know, but she asked for those netted sponges & I just couldn’t bring mysel to buy them!! I did a search and found your awesome pattern! Once I am done with presents, I am going to buy some more cotton and get hooking on a batch for me!!! Merry Christmas!

  18. Absolutely LOVE this pattern and the idea of crocheting washable sponges! Genius! Can hardly wait to get started on a bunch of them.

  19. Thanks so much for this pattern! I’m going on a cleaning spree tomorrow, and I was able to save some money on sponges by using some Sugar ‘n Cream yarn I had on hand to make these! Very easy and useful!

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