Stitch of the Week: Up-Down Stitch


I mentioned before that I’m a big fan of using color to call attention to the easy-to-miss aspects of a crochet pattern. This stitch is laughably easy and doesn’t make much of a splash when crocheted in a single color, except for its slightly bumpy texture. But it creates a zig-zaggy up-down effect when you use colored yarn and work the pattern in stripes.


I’m sure this stitch already has a name, but I’m calling it the up-down stitch because it’s made by alternating double crochet (up) and single crochet (down). Besides, it sounds better than tall-short stitch.

Here’s the incredibly easy pattern:

Multiple: 2, plus 2 for turning

Row 1: Sc in 3rd ch from hook. (dc in nxt ch, sc in nxt ch) repeat across, and dc in last ch. Ch 2, turn.

Row 2: Skip first dc, (dc in sc from prev row, sc in dc from prev row) repeat across, and dc in ch-2 of prev row. Ch 2, turn.

Repeat Row 2. For stripes, change color each row. If you don’t want to FO each time, use an odd number of colors.





One thought on “Stitch of the Week: Up-Down Stitch

  1. hello Michelle, I love your up-down stitch, but how do you work an increase or decrease.
    can you help?

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