Spring Crafts that Worked the First Time

Here’s a dilemma that occurs weekly, if not more often, in my head: I want to do a craft, but I have no time. So, what do I do? I Google the craft, click on the link at the top of the search results list, and hastily follow the instructions more or less.

Sometimes the results are passable. Sometimes they are a disaster. When the crafts don’t turn out, it’s usually because I’m rushing. Or because I don’t have time to actually go to the craft store and buy the correct supplies, and I’ve improvised with what I had on hand. When the craft does work out, I praise the wonderful blogger (usually) who posted the tutorial I used and (at best) subscribe to their blog or (at the very least) think of them with fondness.

This past week, I did two last-minute crafts that actually worked the first time, and I want to give credit to the wonderful tutorial makers in the blogosphere for helping me out.

The first is a rag quilt. It was two weeks late for the baby shower, but the mom still liked it.


It’s a small little quilt — remember, I had no time to begin with and was two weeks late to boot — so I didn’t go overboard with anything bed-sized. This is lay-the-sedentary-kid-on-the-carpet size — with the rag side down, of course, so the little guy doesn’t gum off any of the frayed edges.


I got the tutorial from Kelly where she blogs at The Complete Guide to Imperfect Homemaking. I love the fact that in her blog post, she talks about making her quilt for her daughter last-minute, too.



I literally scanned the tutorial, and that was all I needed to hit the ground running. And I’ve never made a rag quilt before. Thank you, Kelly! You made me look like a pro-quilter — at least in the eyes of my non-crafty mom friend.


The second craft is eggs dyed in onion skins.


I had craft night at my house yesterday. That’s when three specific girlfriends of mine come over and we talk and eat snacks for at least an hour before we get started on our crafts, and then we actually finish our crafts and talk for another hour or so before everyone goes home. Craft night is the bomb. Especially when you come away from it with pretty things like this:


The only problem was I didn’t really have a craft to do. I was still recovering from the rag quilt (cutting all those fringe snips made my scissor hand mad at me) and I really didn’t have any supplies on hand. Since Easter is on Sunday, I figured I’d better do something with eggs, and I remembered hearing about dying eggs with onion skins, and I knew I had eggs and onions in the fridge.

All I needed was a tutorial.

Caley’s post on How Does She came to my rescue. I followed the instructions exactly, and I got exactly what I wanted, natural-looking marbleized eggs.


Oop. In the words of Willy Wonka, “Strike that, reverse it.” I didn’t follow her instructions exactly. I used rubber bands instead of twine to wrap the cloth around my eggs. I was wondering whether or not rubber bands would hold up in boiling water, but they did fine. Silly me for not trusting the tutorial.


It’s so energizing when you follow the instructions for a tutorial and the craft actually comes out looking somewhat close to the professional quality photos taken by the blogger.

So, those are my two random crafts of spring, none of which reflect the true meaning of Easter, unless you count the spirit of giving (for the rag quilt) and the spirit of friendship (for egg-dyeing craft night).

Now I’m really stretching it.


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