Who Ami?

Ready or not, here comes another round of Who Ami!

Last time we played this little game, I showed you some closeup shots of a doll I was designing and asked you to guess who it was. All you knew was that the doll was based off of a character in a children’s book (no surprise there).

Last week, Terri actually guessed it right! The mystery doll is Anne of Green Gables.


It’s not pictured, but I’ve designed her a wide-brimmed hat in a very practical and unflattering shade of gray, as that’s what she likely had living with Marilla Cuthbert. Also, I couldn’t leave her all alone, so I designed her bosom friend, Diana Barry, too. Once I get around to it, I need to give her Gilbert.

This week’s Who Ami challenge is another children’s book character. Anne is North American, but this character is British. The character’s hair color isn’t specified in the book (at least I don’t think) but I couldn’t imagine him/her with any other shade but red — like Anne.

See if you can guess who it is.





What am I doing with these dolls? I plan to offer them in my forthcoming Etsy shop. I want to have a respectable number of items before I open the doors. In the meantime, it’s killing me to keep these patterns to myself, so Who Ami is an outlet of sorts. Have fun guessing!


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