Off the Shelf: Cinderella & Other Perrault Tales

Last week, I confessed my children’s picture book addiction, so now that the cat is out of the bag, I’m not going to hold anything back. Today I want to spotlight a little something that I picked up at a used book shop near my home in San Diego.

It’s called Cinderella and Other Tales from Perrault, and it’s gorgeously illustrated by Michael Hague.


Charles Perrault was a 17th century Frenchman — a lawyer no less — who wrote the Tales of Mother Goose, where he re-imagined some passed-down folk tales, many of which were later commandeered by the brothers Grimm. There are quite a few you may recognize.

First, there’s Cinderella. Here she is lovely in tatters. (I got quite a bit of shine reflecting off the right side of these photos, so sorry about that.)


Perrault also told a story about a little girl with a red hood (love the clogs and sausage curls) who did not choose her friends wisely.


I also particularly like Hauge’s Puss in Boots, forever the gentleman.


There’s also a great illustration of Tom Thumb and the meat-headed ogre.


And, finally, Sleeping Beauty. Doesn’t she look so comfy? Need me a neck roll like that.


There was also this fun one opposite the title page. It does not connect to any of the stories, but I love the graphic-print dress.


Hope you enjoyed these pretties as much as I did. Have a great day!


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