Off the Shelf: A little something from my personal library

Since I just set sail with this blog, I’m trying to figure out how to turn my love of books and hooks into blog posts that I’d enjoy writing. So, I figured I’d start a little department called Off the Shelf, where I give you a little peek into my library. I was looking at my bookshelf the other day, and saw this little beauty from my childhood.


Well, she used to be a little beauty. Now she’s pretty beat up. Her cover has that patina that plastic-cardboard books get over time. Her spine is arthritic, and I’m astonished that no pages have fallen out.



I used to pour over this book of fairy tales when I was a kid. Most of the time, I was trying to draw the illustrations freehand. To, you know, see how well my illustration skills were progressing.

Since I was a totally unrestrained girly girl (my mother said I insisted wearing dresses rather than anything with two leg holes) I spent a lot of time trying to decide which princess gown I liked best.

Cinderella’s dress was just okay. (Her broom was pretty awesome.)


The princess (never named) from The Frog Prince had a groovy hippie thing going on.


I probably liked Rapunzel’s dress best. Get a load of the stereotypically horrid witch.


Snow White’s step-mother had the ugly/beautiful thing going on.


But out of all the princesses and queens in the book, who do I most related to now? The shoemaker’s wife, of course. She’s a fiber nerd.


I’m sure you had a favorite book of fairy tales when you were a kid. Did it have totally ridiculous illustrations like mine? I think we underestimate the impact that childhood stories have on us (whether they’re good or bad) and the illustrations, too.

I’ve already shared a few of my book-related crochet patterns. Later this week, I’m going to give you a hint as to what book character I’m working on right now! And we’ll see who can guess correctly.

But while I crochet away, I love looking at (and pinning) other people’s designs.

For example, I think Irene Kiss’s reversible Cinderella is really creative. And Debi Birkin’s Frog Prince egg cozy is pretty cute. Denizmum’s Snow White, while based on Disney, has an otherworldly face. Finally, Simple Art’s Planet came up with a cute Rapunzel set that looks like it would be fun for kids to play with.

Have you ever crocheted or made anything based on a favorite childhood story?


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