How to Read a Crochet Pattern: Abbreviations Megalist

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One of the most difficult things about learning to crochet is reading a pattern. Successfully reading a pattern means memorizing the many abbreviations designers use. The problem is that not all designers explain things the same way. One designer tells you to “inc,” while another might say “2 sc in nxt st.” They’re both saying the same thing. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of common crochet abbreviations.

alt: alternate
approx: approximately
blo: back loop only
bpdc: back post double crochet
beg: begin, beginning
bet: between
cc: contrasting color
ch: chain
cont: continue
dc: double crochet
dec: decrease (sometimes expressed as dec2tog)
dnt: do not turn
ea: each
flo: front loop only
fpdc: front post double crochet
fo: finish off, fasten off
hdc: half double crochet
hk: hook
htr: half triple crochet
inc: increase
lp(s): loop(s)
mc: main color
nxt: next
prev: previous
rem: remaining
rep: repeat
rnd: round
rs: right side
sc: single crochet
sk: skip
sl knot: slip knot
sl st: slip stitch
sp: space
st(s): stitch(es)
tog: together
tr: triple (treble) crochet
ws: wrong side
v-st: V-stitch
x: times (2x means two times)
yo (yoh): yarn over (yarn over hook)
( ) or [ ] or * * or { }: Work whatever is in the brackets/stars as many times as the pattern indicates (ex: (sc, dc) 6x around means to single crochet in the next stitch and double crochet in the following stitch and then repeat that pattern six times.)

When you mix n’ match these abbreviations, you get more than just alphabet soup. You get a pattern. For example:

  • alt colors each rnd. Sl st to join after last rnd. Fo. (Alternate colors each round. Make a slip stitch in the next stitch to join the last round. Fasten off.)
  • With rs facing, insert hk in blo of nxt st, yo and pull up a lp 4x (With right side facing, insert hook into the back loop only of the next stitch. Yarn over, and pull up a loop. Do this four times.)
  • 4 dc in ch-1 sp (Make four double crochets in the chain-one space)

Happy pattern reading!


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