How to Make a Magic Ring Video

NecklaceI love the term “magic ring.”

It makes me think of what Frodo carried to Mordor. Or maybe a blood red ruby adorning the finger of an evil queen. Or what happens when the Care Bears stand in a circle, hold hands, and do the stare.

Like a unicorn of majesty emerging from the misty wood, the magic ring has brought tears of joy and awe to everyone who has ever crocheted in the round. And it’s pretty much essential to making clean amigurumi.

What’s so magic about it? It’s a method of making a foundation row in the round where there is no gap or hole in the middle of the round. It may not sound that magical, but just wait till you see it in all it’s glitter and glory. The flower in the picture on this post was not made with a magic ring, so you can see the gap there.

Below is my video tutorial on how to make a magic ring. Enjoy — and may the force be with you.


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