Happy Birthday, Book People Studio!

Birthday CupcakeToday, I’ve given birth to a blog.

My blog.

As a freelance writer, I’ve blogged under pseudonyms and on behalf of business owners and organizations. But this is the first blog I’ve started entirely for myself.

Happy day!

My reason for starting a blog?


To be completely honest, I need somewhere to publish the many crochet patterns I’ve written over the years. While I can publish them on Ravelry, I want them to exist on more than one site.

Plus, I’ve got an Etsy shop in the works, where I want to sell some of my more sophisticated patterns. I’ll be sure to make a big, splashy announcement when my virtual doors open.

With everyone and their grandma blogging these days, and with blogging experts popping up all over the place making big promises about big money and big publicity, blogging can get kind of, well, out of control. I don’t particularly want that. I just want to be friends with other people who like the same things I like.

And I’m dedicating this blog to the things I like: crafts and books.

I was always one of those artsy kids asking for coloring books, colored pencils, and those cheap activity packs where you make sand art or hemp friendship bracelets. I was constantly drawing. And when I wasn’t drawing, I was reading. Being shy, I preferred fantasy worlds and make-believe friends like Ramona Quimby, Charlie Bucket, Anne Shirley, and Charlotte the spider. And don’t forget those crazy Babysitter Club girls, who I practically grew up with.

So, my blog is dedicated to … my childhood, pretty much. Crafts and books. Not all my posts will be related to both crafts and books. But I’ll do my best to keep it focused.

Happy blogbirthday to me! Thanks for sharing it.



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